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play chess gameFind out the best places to play chess online. We have details of all the most popular games available.

Test your skills against other players no matter what your experience or ability. Take on other players from around the world, or hone your skills against the computer. Play online games, or correspondence games via e-mail.  You can even choose between individual games or tournament play.

There is an option for everybody. The most important thing is to get involved and have some fun!


Player's Academy - Strategy & Tips

  • Learn the best opening strategy to gain a strong starting position.
  • Study the moves of the best online chess players of 2016 and copy their strategy!
  • The best offensive and defensive formations.
  • How to use your pawns effectively to gain the best advantage over your opponent.
  • How to free your bishops to avoid them getting blocked in.
  • Plus many more tactics for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Online Resources

There are a variety of sites available where you can play games online, either against other players of the computer. Most sites are free to join.

  • play live onlineAt Chess.com you can take part in games against your friends or the computer. You can also join a tournament and pit your wits against players from all over the world.
  • For instant play, try Instant Chess. It is much simpler and less feature rich than some other sites, but it is fast and lets you get started immediately. The games are also compatible with tablets and mobiles so you can play on the move, wherever you are.

Pro Tournament Betting

In most cases people choose to play online for fun, although there are sometimes opportunities to play for money or place a bet on the outcome of professional games.

  • Online bookmakers such as bwin offer odds on chess betting. This normally covers major events such as the world championships.
  • Sites such as top10freebets show you which bookmakers let you bet on chess tournaments and what offers they have that you can use.
  • Using statistical analysis, game analysis and past performance it is possible to form an accurate prediction of how one player will perform against another. This allows betting on matches and tournaments to become profitable.